DATEV Unternehmen Online

Tax advice

Paperwork is a thing of the past! Our clients use DATEV Unternehmen online to handle their tax-related business processes digitally. This also speeds up our work together.

All benefits
at a glance

  • Helpful features for day-to-day business, e.g. managing cash and account books, invoicing and dunning, payroll pre-entry, payment processing
  • Business analyses at the click of a mouse
  • Encrypted, worldwide access to all tax-relevant data and documents
  • Daily updated company key figures available at any time
  • Up-to-date accounting for faster and more targeted control of your commercial business processes
  • Securely store your data in one of Germany’s most cutting edge and secure data centres in the certified DATEV cloud
  • Web-based application, no software installation, no updates or special hardware required
  • Functionality can be tailored to your company’s needs using individual modules
  • Many interfaces for connecting existing applications
  • Remote & digital support
  • GoBD-compliant documentation

The modules

From digital document capture for financial accounting, quotations and invoicing to payroll accounting.

DATEV Documents online
  • Easily transfer documents by scanning or uploading them
  • OCR invoice recognition
  • The original receipts remain in the company and no longer need to be collected, organised and handed over to the tax consultant in paper form
  • Quickly and easily retrieve all digital receipts using the system’s full-text search function
DATEV Bank online
  • Daily overview and access to all company bank accounts on one page
  • Generate payments based on the documents entered, independent of bank-specific software and supported by the system’s full-text search function
  • Automatically allocate your incoming documents for payment transactions to increase the clarity of your business transactions

DATEV Cash Book online
  • Simple and secure cash management based on scanned receipts
  • Hard copy feature makes the accounts less vulnerable
  • GoBD compliance is guaranteed

DATEV Order Management online
  • Easily create quotations, invoices or delivery notes from DATEV
  • Online business based on ready-made invoice templates
  • Using existing customer master data simplifies implementation
DATEV Digital Personnel File
  • Significantly simplify the payroll accounting using the shared database
  • Personnel, master and transaction data are captured online and transferred to our law firm
  • Simply exchange all payroll-relevant data (e.g. timesheets, sick notes, etc.)
  • Group this information for availability at any time
DATEV Financial Accounting Analyses online
  • Access current business analyses, open item lists, cost centre accounting and the submitted VAT advance return
  • Either conveniently as an analysis package or comprehensively down to the individual account sheet
DATEV Payroll Analyses online
  • Access to current and historical payroll analyses (such as personnel reports, payroll, health insurance analyses, etc.)
  • It’s also possible to link to DATEV Arbeitnehmer (Employee) online to provide staff with their personal salary statements in digital form

DATEV Approval online
  • Simple and legally compliant approval of your annual accounts and tax returns within DATEV Unternehmen online
  • Stored documents can be retrieved at any time
DATEV Connect Online and Smart Transfer
  • DATEV Unternehmen online has a large number of interfaces that enable existing applications to be connected
  • This existing data can be imported in accordance with the principles of proper electronic accounting

Document Approval
  • Supports document verification
  • Selected documents (e.g. incoming invoices) only reach financial accounting and payment after they have been checked
  • Assign documents to the responsible approver for review
  • Person approving and time of approval are logged
  • Financial accounting information can be stored in the review process
  • Email notification as soon as new documents needing to be checked are available online in Document Approval

Liquidity Monitor
  • Quick overview of your company’s financial situation with bank account history, incoming payments, outgoing payments, overdue receivables and payables
  • Liquidity visibility for the coming weeks and months through automated forecasting
  • AI-powered analysis of bank movements with graphical representation
  • Future investments or cash receipts can be added manually
  • Access individual transactions
  • Can be accessed on mobile devices
Frequently asked questions about
DATEV Unternehmen online
How can I use DATEV Unternehmen online?

DATEV Unternehmen online will be ordered and set up by your consultant. Once the security package has been installed and you have been provided with the SmartLogin and Smartcard as the access medium, you will gain secure and encrypted access to the system. Otherwise, using DATEV Unternehmen online is largely self-explanatory.

We would be delighted to advise you on the possible uses of DATEV Unternehmen online in your company and on digitally collaborating with our firm. We are also happy to offer you and your employees internal or external training.

What are the system requirements for DATEV Unternehmen online? 

DATEV Unternehmen online is web-based and is accessed via your internet browser. This means that no software installation or special hardware requirements are necessary. Secure access is easy via the certified DATEV Cloud or mobile via the DATEV SmartLogin app. DATEV has compiled all the system requirements here.

How can I set up DATEV Unternehmen online? 
How much does DATEV Unternehmen online cost? 

DATEV Unternehmen online is available from 14 euros per month, depending on the tools used and the amount of storage space required. We will be happy to inform you in advance in a personal meeting about the required scope and the corresponding billing modalities.

Is DATEV Unternehmen online secure?

DATEV operates one of the most modern and secure data centres in Germany. With its high security standards, DATEV’s ISO 27001-certified data centre provides reliable protection for data transmission, backup and archiving. The DATEV Cloud guarantees the highest security standards for internet protection and email security, while DATEV SmartCard and DATEV mIDentity provide secure and encrypted access to applications in the DATEV data centre.

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