Special expertise

Special consulting services

Agricultural accountancy office

Advising agricultural and forestry businesses requires specialist knowledge in the field of agricultural and forestry taxation.

Due to our many years of experience with regard to the special tax features of these businesses, we can guarantee optimum consulting services for our clients.

Our services

  • Preparation of agricultural bookkeeping with quantity and integrated fixed asset accounting
  • Preparation of payroll accounting including special agricultural features such as foreign seasonal workers
  • Preparation of agricultural accounts in accordance with the subsidy guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture (BMVEL)
  • Accounting, tax consultancy, economic and financial planning, Advice on business start-ups and business succession, taking into account the special regulations for agriculture, forestry and horticulture
  • Advice on the reinvestment of capital gains and the formation of reserves in accordance with § 6b of the Income Tax Act (EStG), taking advantage of the special possibilities for agricultural and forestry businesses Preparation of business accounts for the granting of subsidised interest
  • Tax planning for succession, taking advantage of the special allowances for the compensation of heirs who do not participate in the business and for the farm successor
  • Possibility of calculating profits according to average rates (§ 13a EStG)

Your contact persons


Ulrich Schanz

Landwirtschaftliche Buchstelle
Fachberater für Testamentsvollstreckung und Nachlassverwaltung (DStV e.V.)


Simon Weglarzy

Advice for non-profit organisations

Based on our many years of practical experience in working with charitable and non-charitable associations, foundations and (registered) societies, we are happy to support you in all matters relating to your annual accounts, tax returns or optimisation ideas. In particular, we offer the following services:

We support you with

  • advice on general tax questions
  • preparation of tax returns
  • advice on questions relating to your articles of association
  • support in the preparation of the declaration of the use of funds/annual financial statement
  • advice on capital preservation concepts including tax-recognised reserve formation options

Your contact persons


Dr. Jan P. Fischer

Zert. Stiftungsberater (DSA)
Zert. Berater für Gemeinnützigkeit

Frankfurt a. Main West
Real estate taxation and real estate management (IFU / ISM gGmbH)

Tax advice on all aspects of real estate for landlords, estate agents and private asset investors.

Based on our many years of practical experience and continuous further training, we offer you our tax consultancy services in all areas relating to real estate.

Our special consulting focus lies in the areas of:

  • tax-optimised transfer of real estate for companies and private individuals from the point of view of gift/inheritance tax and real estate transfer tax
  • tax optimisation through the selection of the individually suitable legal form for real estate investment
  • private sales transactions (speculative transactions)
  • commercial real estate trading
  • determination of taxable income from renting and leasing as part of annual tax returns
International taxation

Globalisation doesn't stop at tax law.

German companies are opening up attractive markets abroad, while foreign companies are taking advantage of opportunities on the German market. However, personal mobility without borders also creates new questions with regard to tax implications.

We are able to assist in these matters, among others, not least through our international partner IECnet, a network of independent law firms in around 70 countries.

Services for foreign companies in Germany:

  • tax registration
  • formation of corporations and partnerships
  • determination of tax liability
  • advice on double taxation
  • correspondence and representation with banks and tax authorities
  • financial and payroll accounting
  • preparation of annual financial statements and reporting in German and English

Services for German companies abroad:

  • consulting on the establishment of subsidiaries
  • choice of legal form
  • tax optimisation of current income
  • tax optimisation on the relocation of assets
  • advice on double taxation

Services for private individuals with foreign connections:

  • taxation of foreign income (capital assets, real estate)
  • advice on gifts and inheritance cases with a foreign connection
  • relocation taxation